This badass couple, Alyssa and Mike, caught the festival bug at Nocturnal Wonderland 2014, fell in love with the EDM community and decided to start a rave apparel line to afford to go to more shows. Thank goodness they did, thus was born the amazing BE YOU. BE FREE. Freedom Rave Wear brand; all made here in the U.S. in San Diego, CA. They believe "You gotta be damn good at expressing yourself, feeling confident, showing love, & building community to unlock your full potential." and I agree. Join the #FRWFam today and check out the Festival Fashion box to get a fresh new look in the mail every season!

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Another badass couple, Erick and Rosa, built a brand that radiates confidence, self acceptance and love to the max. Rolita Rebels prove that sexy has no size and we are all beautiful. Our mission is to show the world that every woman is beautiful and it is okay we come in different shapes and sizes. You can join the Rolita Resistance to help change the stereotype of a "perfect woman" and turn up the love and support of one another. Shop with confidence today. All pieces are made in the U.S. in Las Vegas, NV.

Both my favorite rave wear brands in one pic

Acid sky shrug sleeves and matching tube top are both Freedom Rave Wear. Black sparkly mask and matching skirt are both Rolita Couture.


Every raver knows the importance of staying hydrated and Vibedration helps us do just that offering hydration packs in fun designs to get us ready for festival season in style. Their motto is "life's a party, stay hydrated." From backpacks to fanny packs, Vibedration has all your rave aessentials and even offer matching cardholders and crossbody bags (yes, hydration pack cross-bodies tyvm!)

Bae and I rock Knocks everywhere we go from our EDM wedding in St. Lucia to the overwater bungalow honeymoon, to spontaneous Euro-trips to Amsterdam and Brussels to even smaller little road trips back home to Dallas from Memphis. And of course we also wear them to all of our favorite raves, EDM shows and music festivals year round and everyday while driving or going outside.

They even offer a Knocks Box that comes in the mail with 4 pairs of sunglasses with a guarantee that at least two pairs will be polarized and they recently launched neon colors and have several special releases, limited editions and customizable sunglasses options. We've been sporting our Knockarounds for several years and we must own at least 50+ pairs. 

The best part? They are SO affordable (I'm talking polarized and customs and all starting at $20 and now you can save 15% on your order with code RaveWithShai! You can become a #knockfan and twin / match with Shai and BAE or design your own CUSTOM shades today! Happy shopping!

Anyone who knows me knows that my biggest passion in life (beyond our EDM community and rave family (and real family) is protecting this planet we call home and keeping this earth clean and safe (and hopefully leaving it a little better than we found it.) Afterall, my very first blog post was all about how to party with the planet in mind from re-thinking plastic, thinking reusable instead of disposable and challenging everyone to make a few changes to their daily routine by taking part in the new responsible raving #ResponsibleRavingChallenge. 
So it should come as NO surprise that I adore the Puravida brand and what they stand for including Eco-friendly biodegradable packaging, donating millions of dollars to charities (this month alone they have donated 1.6 million meals to support Feeding America) and their support for 800+ worldwide artisans. They have collections to help the Sea Turtle Conservancy, to support Mental Health Awareness, to donate to Breast Cancer Research and so much more. Plus they have really cute Daisy, heart and peace sign charms, braided bracelets and their newest release, the Dreaming Out Loud collection bringing a fellow ambassador's dream to life. 


Our favorite rave bae Lauren Hutzel launched her kandi brand offering accessories for the funkiest of souls. Snag yours online at her Etsy shop before they run out; they are a HOT commodity this season!

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One of my good friends and neighbors just launched an awesome new line of luminous or reflective accessories and I cannot wait to get my hands on the backpack, clutch and fanny pack. I will update this once I have a chance to try them all out, but I am already very excited. Who doesn't love to flash and basically glow in the dark?! Wanna twin with me? Use SHAI10 to save 10% at checkout!

EYE LOVE SHADEZ Refraction Goggles

If you're looking for some prismatic vibes, look no further. EyeLoveShadez Kaleidoscope glasses take you into a full rainbow spectrum through lens that are faceted and made out of glass crystal. I rock the refraction goggles and kaleidoscope glasses (AKA fractal glasses) to every rave, EDM show and music festival I go to and they really provide a vibey, fun and unforgettable experience.

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Everyone knows that I am SUCH a kandi kid who LOVES making everything from bracelets and cuffs to perlers both flat and 3-D and who knows what else I will learn while spending all this time #athome. As with most rave brands and ravers, Kandi's World believes in Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. PLUR are the values by which they live by and aspire to spread to the world.




Tiffany René Styles

POLLEN (email me for discount tickets)

Save with discount code RaveWithShai at checkout

VIBEDRATION (10% or more off)
RADIATE (download the app)

Check out all my favorite brands, brands, brands, brands

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