Thursday, January 6, 2022

Casino Film Shoot During Covid

In case you are curious what I do for a living...

We filmed at a casino during the pandemic and I’m going to take you along for a behind the scenes look at the photo session, vo recording session and more!

Location: Southland Casino Photographer: Bob Bayne Art Director: Richard Williams Copywriter: Eric Christopherson Post production: Michael Norris, Bob Bayne Crew: Sean Davis, John Markham Account Executive: Shaina Lakey Creative Agency: Archer Malmo

Script Direction: let’s show a handful of our team members each in their own unique work environments as we talk about how we at Southland are getting closer to normal. We see dealers, servers, host, chefs, security, cocktail servers all masked up and all waiting at Southland to make guests feel safe and welcome. VO The Southland team is back on the floor, and we invite you to come back too! We’ve reopened the Sportsbook, spaced out the slots and tables and fired up the steakhouse. We’ve always been closer. Now we’re closer to normal.

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