Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Most difficult week - uncertainty of pregnancy and miscarriage

Most difficult week - uncertainty of pregnancy and miscarriage

⚠️ WARNING ⛔️ sensitive subject matter discussed in my LIVE vlog navigating an unexpected pregnancy to an even more unexpected pregnancy loss (maybe 🧐🥺) It’s probably a terrible idea to post a YouTube video about something so private, but I want to let others out there know that you are not alone (and help myself realize I am not alone) when it comes to the uncertainties of pregnancy and pregnancy loss (read miscarriage). Today’s vlog takes you through the past 8 days of my life when I found out I was pregnant (unexpected surprise!) and the miserable days after as the doctors try to determine if I had a miscarriage or if I will have a miscarriage and OMG it’s excruciating to not know what’s going on with your body. The physics and emotional toll it takes on your body and mind and relationships is unreal and is STILL going on for me. I’m doing okay. Please don’t worry about me. Updates to come tomorrow when I do my third blood draw for quantitative hCG levels. Mine dropped from 856 to 806 so it’s likely an unviable pregnancy. But nothing has been set in stone. What is a girl to do? Definitely not sleep. Hope you enjoy. #pregnancy #miscarriage #pregnancyvlog #pregnant #vlog

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