Monday, August 30, 2021

How to enjoy a bath when you don’t have hot water (broken heat pump)

πŸ› My health and mental health has been on the Frits lately after my ER scare and yesterday was no different. I had a panic attack on Tuesday morning and all I wanted was a nice warm, relaxing bath. And guess what? Our water heater broke that day. Isn’t it ironic? Yes Alanis it is. So... my amazing husband and brother boiled water and drew me my own personal hot bath so I was able to enjoy a hot bath without having hot water. I hope you enjoy this silly short Vlog about how to draw a hot bath when you don’t have hot water. Thanks for watching! πŸ› #bath #howto #dailyvlog

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  1. You are too funny! Hope you get your water heater fixed soon, tho looks fun being treated like a princess!


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