Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Osceola Music Festival Vlog - Rave with Shai & Karly Driftwood

After a wild weekend in Ennis, Texas at Ubbi Dubbi music festival...

...the rave fam ventured out to another (quite different type) of Music Festival in Osceola, Arkansas. While country music and blues is not top of my list (obviously I love raves and EDM), I must say Osceola knows how to party and Osceola Music Fest was LIT πŸ”₯ 

 In today's festival vlog (starting off with a golf vlog) Rave with Shai meets country singer Karly Driftwood and man did we have a good time with inception vlogging. Hope you enjoy this little travel vlog. 🎡 We had a blast listening to local bands and special guest performer Karly Driftwood who is HILARIOUS (think funny Taylor Swift y’all!) 

🀠 There were so many activities! 

 πŸŒΊπŸ‘‘ we made ALL the floral crowns or flower crowns 

 ⛳️πŸ›’ drove golf carts around downtown (even after spending the morning playing hungover golf and vlogging all day!) 

πŸΉπŸ›» enjoyed VIP drinks and food trucks 

 πŸ†πŸ“ dominated the ping pong table 

 πŸ”₯πŸš’ had “rooftop” parties on the fire trucks and played in 🧼BUBBLES Be sure to check out my new celebrity singer friends YouTube channels and show them some love! 

 Karly Driftwood


Download her album:​​

Alien Farah​​

 And if you’re searching for a fun southern town to visit, add the Osceola Music Festival to your bucket list! 

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