Thursday, May 13, 2021

Bigo Live Conversion Formula Revealed

Money Tips - How to Own the Bigo Streetz (Bigo Live Formula)

How do you make money on the Bigo Live app? How do you figure out the conversion rate? Rebate percentage? Reward amount? With this Bigo formula of course! So make sure you subscribe for more tips. We are not here to LOSE money. We are all here to MAKE MONEY. So grab a notepad and a snack and get ready to learn tips and tricks to make money on the Bigo Live app. Come and join this Bigo girl on the Bigo Streetz and let's make money together! This is the KEY formula you need to WRITE down and always reference before making any decisions on the Bigo Live app. This equation will help you to determine and figure out the CONVERSION FROM BEANS TO DIAMONDS REBATE REWARD PERCENTAGES (%) RECHARGE EVENT REBATE % Do a little Bigo dance, make a little love, GET PAID TONIGHT! 🔴 If you love the channel and want even more, subscribe for more vids just like this! 👉Come find me on Bigo - Bigo ID RaveWithShai 👉Talent Agency - Talenture Agency 👉Bigo Family - ℋ𝖔𝖚𝖘ᵉ⚔️𝖙𝖗𝖆🎯 👉Email RaveWithShai - 👉Email Talenture Agency - 👉Download the app at and start you Bigo TV journey today! --------------------------------TIMESTAMPS-------------------------------- [00:00] intro WELCOME [00:27] 01 | BIGO TIP #1 Math and Digital Currencies on Bigo [01:26] 02 | BIGO TIP #2 Difference Between Beans and Diamonds [02:22] 03 | BIGO TIP #3 KNOW THE SECRET FORMULA [03:10] 04 | THREE MUST KNOW RULES OF BIGO [05:07] 05 | RECAP [05:20] 06 | BONUS TIP - BIGO TIP #4 [06:12] 07 | HOW TO MEET YOUR MONTHLY GOAL (40K Beans) [06:45] 08 | ending (THANK YOU) LEARN MORE about Bigo in my other videos: 👉Part 1 - BIGO LIVE EXPLAINED - Download App. Get Paid. 👉Part 2 - What is a PK? Bigo Terms Explained:​ 👉Part 3 - TYPES of People on Bigo:​ 👉Part 4 - How to Make Money on Bigo​ 👉 How to Become A Bigo Live Host + Earn Bigo Host Salary 👉3 Tips for Bigo Beginners (How to Network 7 Grow) -------------------THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!------------------- 🌎 Download the Bigo Live app 🎤Become a Bigo Host 🎓Learn Bigo Terms 🔎​ Your GUIDE to all thing Bigo About Bigo 💲Find Free Beans = Make Free Money 🎬 Recent​ Videos 🎥Watch More Shai HOW TO SIGN UP FOR AN AGENCY PK - THEME PK ALL HOSTS 2021 Winner gets 2000 beans / Loser gets 1000 beans - FRIENDLY PK - Hosts can participate twice a day for FREE BEANS 750 PARTICIPATION BEANS | TOP 5 EACH WEEK WILL GET 10,000 BEANS IMPOSSIBLE STAR (5,000 bean) / IMPOSSIBLE BOX PK (up to 50,000 beans) - US LIVE HOUSE SIGN UP HOW TO CHECK YOUR PK SCHEDULE (Bigo Family Event Lineup) --------------------------------SOCIAL-------------------------------- 📝Rave_With_Shai Blog - 🎧Live Stream - 👥Facebook: rave_with_shai 🐦Twitter: rave_with_shai 📸Instagram: rave_with_shai 💬Email ________________________________ DISCOUNT CODE 💵RAVEWITHSHAI to save 💵 🛒@Vibedration Save 15% off Hydration Packs 🛒@FreedomRaveWear Save 15% off Rave Outfits 🛒@RolitaCouture Save 15% off Rave Outfits 🛒@Knockaround Save 15% off Sunglasses 🛒@KandiesWorld save 10% off Rave Accessories and Kandi THANK YOU for shopping via my links! I so appreciate your support 💜💜 ________________________________ GET TO KNOW SHAI 👽Raver | Basshead 📸YouTuber 📝Blogger 💁🏻‍♀️ Age: 35 ♓️ Pisces 🏠 Tennessee 📷 iPhone 11 and/or Cannon G7 X mark ii 📱Streamer on Bigo Live App ________________________________ Music: Bigo FT DrRaveBone Authors: Gr3g Hunt "Playful" and "Modern" from YouTube Audio Library

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