Friday, April 30, 2021

Ubbi Dubbi 2021 (Day 2 vlog) #FirstFestivalBack #UbbiDubbi *disco donnie*

Oh this sh*t be hittin different 👽🛸

Nothing beats tfw best friends, family and rave fam reunite #undertheelectricsky at the #firstfestivalback

🎭I know people are concerned with the huge amount of people that didn’t wear their masks the entire time, but I have to give it up to @discodonniepresents for using the @clear health app for ID and health checks, executing Covid-sniffing dogs before allowing entrance, requiring masks at all gates, water refill stations, vendor tents, bathrooms and shuttles, enforcing staff members and volunteers to wear masks and for including signage and crews of people to remind people to wear their masks. Being thoroughly checked and cleared, being outside and having easy access to my mask hanging around my neck made all the difference. I felt safe, feel healthy and will check back after self quarantining back at home in 14 days to report back. I’ve gotta say it feels good to be V A C C I NA T E D and it feels good to be home! I hope everyone #masksup and #getvaccinated so we can all #rave together again soon!

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