Friday, April 9, 2021

Breakdown of EDM Subgenres - Future Bounce to Melodic Riddim

I got 99 genres but glitch ain't one! If you love EDM but struggle to categorize into subgenres then this video is for you

In today's video we will be digging into and ranking 99 subgenres of EDM, from glitch hop, neurofunk and synthpop to rawstyle, future bounce, agrotech and extratone. 🎬 WATCH Emma Kapotes TAG πŸ’¬ JOIN the Conversation 🎧 LISTEN to Ibiza Playlists 🌐 πŸ’‘ RANK YOUR EDM GENRES TABLE OF CONTENTS Agrotech Speedcore Raggacore Extratone Hardpsy Midtempo Bass Neurofunk Jungle Terror Minatory Vaporwave Gabber Frenchcore Jackin House Dubstyle Psystep Wonky Outsider house Electro Swing Neurohop Neurostep Experimental Trap Trip Hop Halftime Big Beat https://thewaveformtransmitter.wordpr... Electro Industrial Jumpstyle Indie Pop Nudisco Eurodance Techstep Grime Afro House G House Hard Trance Acid House POPSynthwave Chiptune Kawai Bass Liquid Funk SUB of DnB Melodic Drumstep (DnB) Minimal Techno Dutch House Moombahton Trouse Synthpop Reverse Bass Glitch Hop Big Room Techno Rawstyle Tearout French House Ambient Dub Darkpsy Downtempo Microhouse Tribal House LOFI Minimal House (Berlin House) Tropical House Melodic House Melodic Dubstep Psytrance Liquid Drumstep Uplifting Trance Tech Trance Future Bounce (House, Future House, Future bounce) Happy Hardcore Progressive House Breakbeat Hardcore (Breaks) Fidget House (Electro house) Complextro ("Complex" + Electro = complextro, coined by Porter Robinson) Deep Tech AKA "Underground House" Deathstep Melbourne Bounce Future Garage Hard Bass Brazillian Bass Moombahcore Jump Up (DnB) Future House UK Hardcore Deep House Progressive Psytrance Festival Trap Dubtronica Tech House Liquid Dubstep Hardstyle Dance Floor DnB Hard Trap Drumstep Electro House Bass House Hybrid Trap Riddim Freeform Bass Brostep Electro Pop Future Bass NEURO = slow, minimal, liquid sound vs typical heavy elements of each genre. Neurohop is Glitch Hop. Neurofunk is Drum & Bass Neurostep is Dubstep. SynthWAVE and SynthPOP styles are fundamentally unrelated. 🌈 Synthwave is colorful, fluid and melodic. πŸ€– Synthpop has mechanical beats, sparse compositions, and robotic vocal delivery. "Bend and Break” Jungle Terror 2015 DJ Snake | 2016 Afrojack & Hardwell | Jackal & Dr. Fresch | Wiwek TRAP = 1/3 Hip hop (tempo/song structure are similar: 70 -110BPM w pitched down vocals) 1/3 Dance Music – High pitched Dutch synth work, Hardstyle sampling, and trap remixes 1/3 Dub (Low frequency, repetitiveness) D&B Liquid (atmospheric and melodic w house/jazz/soul influence w old jungle breaks) Neuro (heavy and filtered basslines) Techstep (old w techno influence. (Precursor of Neuro and Deep.) Raw sound. Jump Up (catchy, often screechy basslines, simple, can go up to 180 BPM) Halftime (played half the tempo - 85 BPM instead of 170 Dancefloor (clubby, most "mainstream" sounding subgenre) Drumstep (brostep w dnb tempo) ________________________________ GET TO KNOW ME πŸ‘½Raver | Basshead πŸ“Blogger πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️ Age: 35 ♓️ Pisces 🏠 TN πŸ“· Cannon G7 x mark ii πŸ“±Bigo Host ________________________________ MUSIC Dance the Night / MVM Production #EDM #EDMGenres #EDMSubGenres

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