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My First Time

My First Time

No, not THAT first time. I'm talking about my festival and rave first times. For those of you familiar with the EDM community, you've likely already seen other ravers taking this challenge that rave baes Becca Grace Original and Bebe Howell started on YouTube. And for some reason I've been sleeping on filming my video. So I figured I'd blog about it first to get my thoughts out of my head and in front of me. And who knows. Maybe this will work as my script (should I ever decide to take the leap.) It's actually a really fun and exciting topic so I will just dig right in with the questions. I also encourage those of you reading this to join the conversation and challenge your friends to do the same.

The questions
  1. Who was the first DJ you heard of?
  2. What was the first show you went to?
  3. What was the first festival you went to?
  4. Who were the first people you raved with?
  5. Who was the first friend you made at a festival?
  6. What was your first ‘rave outfit’?
  7. What was your first rave outfit malfunction?
  8. Where/how was your first light show?
  9. What was the first set you cried at?
  10. When/Where was your first first kandi trade?
  11. When was the first moment you fell in love with rave culture?

And here we go

First DJ. 

So I'm not really sure if this counts or not because it's not really EDM or one DJ, but it's the first I can remember back in 2009 and it would have to be MGMT. I'm talking way back in the day before they became big. I remember going to their shows at little hole in the wall dive bars in Brooklyn backyards. We liked them so much we even stayed for their set in the rain. I think they are considered more of a psychedelic rock band, but close enough. Perhaps this should have been the answer to my first show. Oh well. Side note: funny enough I ended up working with the lead singer's dad when I first moved to Memphis and didn't even realize it (for 3 full years!) I'm hoping to get an interview with him to hear what it's like to have a famous musician for a son. But more on that later.

First show. 

My first show was Big Gigantic in Memphis for our buddy Chris's birthday. We saw them again on Valentine's day with our whole squad. At the time I wasn't really in the scene yet, but I enjoyed the music and hanging out with friends. Little did I know later on it would consume my life (in the best way!)

First festival. 

Technically my first festival was Governors Ball in NYC back in 2010 (where I saw my first DJ Girl Talk), but this is a multi-genre festival. I've also been going to Beale Street Music Festival (another multi-genre festival) and the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic (that should be a question, what was your first camping festival!?) which is clearly a blues festival, however since this is rave edition, I have to say Lights All Night Dallas for New Years eve 2017. My husband really wanted to see Marshmello live and we happened to be in town for the holidays and it all worked out. I remember raving (pun intended) about how I had the BEST time of my life for a long time after. I mean look at that lineup. We saw Illenium, Porter Robinson, and Bassnectar night one and Morgan Page, NghtMre, Seven Lions and Marshmello on night two. I mean, come on!

First people I raved with. 

The first people I raved with were my best friend Jordan and her boyfriend Sly (our squads glover) and my at the time boyfriend (now husband) Lee. We raved hard at Lights All Night and I even learned how to headbang, met my first festy friend and had my first kandi trade (spoiler alert!)

First friend I made at a rave 

Why are these so hard to anwer? I have multiple answers for each. Okay. I feel like the first friend I made at a rave was a girl named Jenny who I still keep in touch with 3 years later. We actually were both at Lights All Night this past December. She was the sweetest ever and pulled me up to the rail with her and taught me how to headbang. Her festy fam had to take care of ours so we bonded immediately. She is also my first kandi trade and plur moment so I will stop there.

But I also want to mention the first friends we made that we still rave together to this day and that would be a couple we met in Atlanta at Imagine Music Festival in September of last year. Funny story actually. We were waiting for Seven Lion to come on and I saw a girl giving a light show (well I guess technically just hooping) behind me and I went over to ask the guy if I could join in and enjoy the show. Of course he said yes and I pulled out a blanket for us to sit on and Lee just bellyflooped right down in the middle. We all laughed until I started screaming because I sat in an ant pile.

First fit. 

This one is two fold too as the first thing I wore to a festival and my first actual rave outfit are two different things entirely. You know what I mean rave girls.

First malfunction. 

My first malfunction was actually more with my hair and face gems (and perlers, wow I was a mess that night) but if we have to talk about fits I have a pretty funny story about another friend's fit who I met at EDCO last year which was her first rave.

First lightshow. 

We actually used to give each other light shows back in my college days. My boyfriend at the time and his roommate and his girlfriend and I would go to Walmart to get glow sticks and give each other lights shows into the night. This was back in 2008 in Waco, Texas ya'll. No show or festival. Just at home. In our apartment. Giving each other light shows.

First set to make me cry. 

Please don't judge me but I have yet to cry at a set. Is there something wrong with me?

First kandi trade. 

Back to my first festival in 2017 where I met my first rave friend Jenny on the rail at Marshmello. She not only pulled me up on the rail and taught me how to heabang, but she also gave me my first, what I called at the time, bracelet. I had no idea what to do or what she said and obviously didn't have anything to give her in return but I remember it completely melted my heart and mad me like the happiest I've ever felt. I wore that pink beaded "Tunip" (which I also didn't understand at the time) kandi every day for a year. I thought I'd never give it away, but I met the loveliest soul at EDCO and it was her first so I felt it only appropriate to share my first kandi and tell her this story. I hope she does the same and passes it along. Speaking of plur...

First plur moment. 

While Jenny gave me all the feels, it wasn't until last May in Tampa for Sunset Music Festival that I truly fell in love with rave culture.

Oh and UPDATE: I posted my #myfirsttimeraveedition challenge video on YouTube ya'll!! Check it out!!! and join the conversation fam!

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