Monday, February 24, 2020

Oh hey it's Shai | Introduction (rave edition)

Welcome to Rave with Shai

A personal blog about music festivals, EDM music and rave culture.

Hey ya'll my name is Shai and I want to take you along with me on my music festival journey around the country and hopefully the world! Electronic music and rave culture has forever changed my life and inspired me and I want to share all of this with you and all who are open to hear (well read!)
This is our rave fam in Orlando on EDCO day 2

Who is Shai and why should I rave with her?

Great question. Proceed with caution. Kidding. I just wanna share my incredible experience and hopefully inspire you to join the amazing EDM community and join us at a festival soon. 

A wise friend once said life begins with your first rave. I couldn't agree more. Speaking of, here is Lee Lakey, my husband, who opened my eyes to this wonderful PLUR world, oh, and yours truly

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